Adwaith Thought Academy is one of the few select educational institutions in Coimbatore offering a unique blend of academic and creative excellence, intellectual and physical advancement, and the Critical Tools for each child to be Future Ready.

Conveniently located in the heart of the city, ATA is managed by LRT and Adwaith Group of Companies. At Adwaith learning is more than just an experience it is a window into realizing one’s own unique potentials and discovering the paths to using it meaningfully.

About Adwaith





The world of education world is rapidly evolving with online teaching, personalized learning and various other methodologies. Education is deeply intertwined with life's changes; at ATA our unique combination of traditional values and modern approaches provides our children with the critical tools and strategies to excel academically and spiritually.



At ATA we are committed to the furtherance of Physical Education, we believe that sports and games provide more than just physical development, active participation in sports, increases self- confidence, self-esteem and mental alertness which in turn are the cornerstones for academic excellence.

Club Activities

ATA endeavors to provide students opportunities to showcase and compete in intra school competitions, towards this numerous club activities are conducted throughout the year. This helps the students in shaping their talents and enhancing their interpersonal and skills.


The upkeep and practice of our Traditional Importance is at the core of ATA’s institutional culture. We strive to build value-based attributes like self-discipline, morality, and self-respect into the students through traditional practices, thought provoking stories and initiating them into the teachings of Vedic saints.
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