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Adwaith Thought Academy weaves together the intrinsic values of the Gurukul system, where knowledge is imparted in a fresh, natural environment spread over five acres.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interactions are concept and skill-based rather than syllabus-oriented, i.e., based more on what the student should know at his/her age and would comprise of question from syllabus of previous class attended.

School provides transportation by Buses and transportation charges will vary as per the distance from the school. A detailed transportation route map can be seen in the Transport section

Uniform can be purchased from vendors who are supplying the uniform as chosen for that academic year. The details of such vendors will be shared by the school. The school will facilitate for study materials, text books, notebooks, etc. for the students to avoid hardship for the parents to locate and procure books. Books will be available at school


At ATA we are committed to the furtherance of Physical Education, we believe that sports and games provide more than just physical development, active participation in sports, increases self- confidence, self-esteem and mental alertness which in turn are the cornerstones for academic excellence.

Club Activities

ATA endeavors to provide students opportunities to showcase and compete in intra school competitions, towards this numerous club activities are conducted throughout the year. This helps the students in shaping their talents and enhancing their interpersonal and skills.


The upkeep and practice of our Traditional Importance is at the core of ATA’s institutional culture. We strive to build value-based attributes like self-discipline, morality, and self-respect into the students through traditional practices, thought provoking stories and initiating them into the teachings of Vedic saints.
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