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Our financial innovator

Our financial innovator (2016-17) Hemangini (X) received the prestigious Stock Master Award for her best project and emerged as the City Level Winner. She was honoured by the Chairman Mr.Ravivaranasi at the Grand Finale in Mumbai.

Two more golden feathers are added to the victory crown of Adwaith in 2017-18 by Swetha (IX)and Priska (X). We proudly express our cheer and josh as both the city level winners are from Adwaith.

The Creative Green Campus Award
Green Schools

Adwaith has become a history and victory maker in concern with Mother Nature.

By witnessing its concern towards environment and uniqueness in maintaining the campus, the school has been honored with the most prestigious "The Creative Green Campus Award" by IFS Mr. Ramasubramaniyan.

Best School Award
Best School

"Every great achievement is but a small peak in the mountain range of contribution" SS INFO TV Kalvichevai Award 2018 was organized by the reputed TV channels in order to identify the best schools.

Since Adwaith has been recognized as a committed institution offering holistic education, it has been identified as 'The Best School' and awarded with an ever cherishing memento by the former judge of Madras High Court Thiru.G.M Akbar Ali at the grand Finale in Chennai


At ATA we are committed to the furtherance of Physical Education, we believe that sports and games provide more than just physical development, active participation in sports, increases self- confidence, self-esteem and mental alertness which in turn are the cornerstones for academic excellence.

Club Activities

ATA endeavors to provide students opportunities to showcase and compete in intra school competitions, towards this numerous club activities are conducted throughout the year. This helps the students in shaping their talents and enhancing their interpersonal and skills.


The upkeep and practice of our Traditional Importance is at the core of ATA’s institutional culture. We strive to build value-based attributes like self-discipline, morality, and self-respect into the students through traditional practices, thought provoking stories and initiating them into the teachings of Vedic saints.
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